Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happiness Project September - Education (Business statistics)

I'm late, again, I know, I know, but I have been busy. Also, Business statistics is well, hard. Sometimes. The first few weeks of the semester were a cake walk mathematically (more difficult learning the technology, excel, etc). Then last week hit. Wow! I was totally lost. Luckily our former Stake President, who lives near by, also happens to teach statistics on base. Unluckily he is moving back to the states in a few weeks. But, last week after a long tutoring session I was able to complete my homework. This week however, the homework has been pretty easy, so, I whisper very quietly, I like statistics. For instance it has already helped me financially and changed my view of some things:

After being frustrated that yet another house on our street was going up for rent for less than we pay for ours. In the time we have lived here all 5 houses on our street have gone up lease all of them for less than we pay. They are identical houses! Anyway, I did some statistics and of the know prices people are paying for their houses our price was more than 2 standard deviations away from the mean! Anyway, after a bit a discussion (it was pleasant) we now are going to pay 80 GBP less a month and will be getting our window fixed!

I don't like the news, sometimes it makes me a bit nervous, so I just don't watch it. Then Drew told me that he read in the news that there was an open threat of violence which was going to happen somewhere in Europe. I worried a bit, but not enough to really even research exactly what he was talking about and realized that the probability of being involved is like 0.00000000000 etc. So, not so worried.

I really worked hard and have learned so much.

In other news, on Monday I took a test and found out about another little tax exemption we are due for next year!

Next month Happiness Project, try to find something fun to do in London. We are going on the last weekend of the month and thus far, I am Not a fan. This will take a LOT of work!