Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am thankful to be a VERY important person

I realized this morning as I was paged to come into work at 3:40 am, that I am a VERY important person.

Now, I must admit it is nice since I work from home that I don't have much a commute but these are the things that I realized in the wee hours of the morning:

1) I am not a talk show host, but I get probably more applause than Oprah every day.
2) I am not a psychologist, but I can calm great fears with a simple hug.

3) I am not a doctor but I can stop pain of a head injury, fall, or cut with some simple first aid of TLC and if the situation calls for some serious medication, I know that sometimes a treat is in order.

4) I am not the President, but I can make a law immediately when required.

5) I am not a warrior, but I am pretty sure that if the situation called for it Icould defeat dragons or monsters without a problem.

6) I am not a comedian but, I can get my audience to laugh with simple jokes that most people probably wouldn't get.

7) I am not a great chef, but I can get a toddler to eat and eat well (which can be a great challenge for even the most seasoned of cooks!)

8) I am not a professional singer, but I can move a person to dance, calm down, and play games when I sing some simple songs.

9) I am not a professional teacher, but I have a full time student who learns new things 24 hours a day.

10) I am not a movie star, but I can't even go to the bathroom with a fan in tow.

11) I am not a great director, but I produce several movies a month.

12) I am not a great photographer, but I make sure to keep a camera close by so I am always ready for a photo shoot.

13) I am not a great athlete, but I run around all day long.

14) I am not a great bowler, but get an applause every time I roll the ball down the lane.

15) I am not a great inventor, but I created a whole person on the first try and she turned out to be a just wonderful.

16) I am not a hospital worker, but rain or shine sick or healthy I am essential personnel (even when I sleep)

I am trusted completely, loved unconditionally, inspired constantly, and needed always. What greater thing is there to be grateful for on this day of Thanksgiving than the gift of a child. Indeed, I am a VERY important person, because I am a Mommy.


  1. Oh Kim this is a wonderfull post. Considering all the great mothers and women in my life I too feel very blessed. You are a very important person and we are all fortunate to have you. Have a great Thanksgiving and see you all soon. Love, Dad

  2. I love this post. It is so well written. You are awesome. I don't get much of #1 and I am horrible at #7 so you are doing much better than I am. Thanks for posting this, we do have pretty great jobs.

  3. This is great - how succinct you've made your job description. You should submit this to a magazine - mothers would definitely relate to this. Nice job, Kim. And then there's that two posts in one week - congrats.

  4. I totally agree with your mother, you need to get this published. It is tremendous. So many young mothers and mature mothers, any mother can relate to what you have so wonderfully written. Kim you really need to try and submit it. You are blessed and so are we to have you in our lives. We love you!!!

  5. What a wonderful list! I had no idea I had done so many important things (times 5).