Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happiness Project Goal March Report, April begin

I wanted to give my report for my March Happiness Goal. Fitness was my goal. Since the beginning of March I have started both working out (weight lifting as well as cardio) and I have started a new eating healthy lifestyle. I have been working out on average about 3 times a week, sometimes even more, a few times less :( but, all in all it has gone pretty well. Today I was actually able to put Anna in the base child development center for 2 hours so I was able to do both cardio and weight lifting, Yeah! But, I was informed they might be full again next week with full time children, I just have to wait and see.

As for the eating portion of my goal, I have started on a book I checked out from the Library of which I heard some people give good reviews. The book is called the good mood diet. I think it is working pretty well. I had a few days of a bit of the grumps, but I think that was more junk food withdraw than anything else.

If you are interested the diet basically works like this:
For breakfast you have a serving of fruit, milk, bread (cereal counts) and an egg or other protein.

For AM snack you have protein and milk (she recommends whey protein shakes, especially after a work out).

For lunch you have 1 bread, 2 vegetables, protein, and a fat. (A turkey or other less than 6 grams of fat wrap from subway filled with vegetables pretty much covers it, you might need some carrot sticks on the side to get all your veggies but not too hard)

For afternoon snack you have 1 fat, 1 veg, and 1 fruit. (very simple if you realize that means 1 small v8, a few nuts, and an apple count)

For dinner you have 2 breads, protein, 2 servings vegetables, 2 servings of fat, 1 serving of fruit

And every night you unwind with a cup of hot cocoa.

I am not hungry and you can use whatever recipes or meals you normally eat. Much easier than things like you on a diet which was a bit more more complicated I thought. I did like it though, it started me on the concept of automating my breakfast and lunch which has helped me out ever since.

Anyway, my results thus far are I am able to lift more weight and I have dropped 3 pounds. I would like to lose between 7 and 12 pounds more.

Next month I want to work in our garden/yard. It really needs tending too, but if the weather stays this cold, I might put that off until May and switch it with my decorating of our room goal. I am pretty intimidated by the decorating goal, but we have it confirmed that we can stay here another year, so, I have nothing stopping me but myself on that one.


  1. 'Sounds like a plan' wish I had the energy and stamana to get my act together and do it too! Best of luck and I am proud of you. Luv and hugs!

  2. Guess I should say your March goal instead - sorry, moving too fast.

  3. Congratulations on achieving your February goal. Look at you, sewing and fitness. Three down and 9 to go. Keep up the good work - what kind of things are you going to plant for your April project. Love, Mom

  4. Good job! I've been working out too and trying a healthier eating style but it is slow going. Keep up the good work.