Sunday, September 12, 2010

August Happiness project...

Well, I have to say that I kind of blew August, which might be why it has taken me so long to write it up. But alas, here is my progress. On the menu box, I think I wrote up maybe 10 cards, so it is something. Thanks to my mother in law, I have index cards and a box. So that should make progression possible it is just doing it that is the problem. As for organizing the pictures on the computer. I did work on this pretty solidly for about 5 days or so. I made a pretty big dent, or so I thought. Then when Picasso told me I had about 9000 photos to sort, well, I don't think I got nearly as much done as I thought.

But, what I did get done was reading every single last Harry Potter. I LOVE it so much and It was so great to read. I knew I only had a little time left before I jumped into my class this month (by the way, education and school is my project for Sept). So, if I went back in time and revised my goal to be read all of the books in the Harry Potter series, I totally rocked that goal!

Overall, I haven't sewn anything in last few months, but I still know how to do the things I have done. I have gone to the gym almost every weekday in August! (Part of that motivation may have stemmed from the fact that Anna can play in the play pen area and if I use the stationary bike, I can read, she keeps herself pretty entertained). I also worked on eating well. Loads or fruits and veg still. I have also been keeping up with family. So I have been going on pretty strong with continuing some of my other goals. I know I will do well with the education goal next month, so here we go...


  1. So, what is the class? Sounds like you are working toward your goals very well. I miss you.

  2. Seems like you are doing great. Yes what class. Reading all the Harry Potter books that is a big accomplishment. So we get one blog a month? Have a great night I love you Dad

  3. At least your mother knew you were going back to school. I'm in the process of making a baby quilt (have 2 more to do then a couple of wall hangings and a queen size quilt - maybe that will give you some incentive-I find it very relaxing). Keep up the good work - Love Mom

  4. I am taking business statistics.