Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our Anniversary!

Our 6th Anniversary was on July second. It was quite a busy day. That was the day we had Anna's birthday party as well, more on that in a later post.

Our Anniversary fell 16 days after Elizabeth was born. I was feeling good, but still a bit sore by the end of the day with the birthday party and what not. We decided that we would go out to a local restaurant, the Royal Oak Inn, which is the only restaurant in our village and happens to be delicious, which you can guess by the fact that it has been open for hundreds of years! Joan was kind enough to come over and watch the kidlets for us. We went for about an hour/hour and a half or so and Elizabeth did well to sleep the entire time we were gone!

The Royal Oak Inn has a few different rooms, one main dinning room and a few small side rooms. You might think the main room would be pretty busy but you would be wrong. Every time we go the side rooms are full and it seems like the main dinning room is empty. So we opted for a private main dinning room as no one else ate there, I guess people like to be close and cozy in the small rooms. Anyway, Drew got a Chili Burger and I ate a giant Yorkshire pudding with sausage and onion gravy. Drew got out a piece of paper and we talked about all of our previous anniversaries. Only we could not for the life of us remember what we did last year. Which was pretty disappointing. Then I figured I would look it up on the blog but when I did, I had not even written a post about it. Anyway, our anniversaries were as follows:
1st Anniversary: Went to St. Michaels, MD for the weekend
2nd Anniversary: Went to a cabin in Berkeley Spring, WV for a few days
3rd Anniversary: 6 days after Anna was born, went to Betty's in Harrogate, UK for Hot Chocolate
4th Anniversary: Did all kinds of things, Brimham Rocks, Betty's see post
5th Anniversary: The big Mystery???, UK
6th Anniversary: Royal Oaks Inn in Dacre Banks, UK

After our discussion Drew talked about how it would be neat to make one of those photo books you can do online of all the places and things we have done as a couple. We made a list of the trips and memorable things we would include. Then we just talked. It was very romantic and a lot of fun to have just the two of us for a little while!

After Diner we decided to treat ourselves to some delicious dessert, We shared a creme brulee and some hot chocolate fudge cake with ice cream. Even though it was much shorter than most of our previous Anniversaries, it was still really romantic and I am so grateful for having such an amazing husband who I love so much! Oh, and as for our fifth Anniversary, Drew remembered it a few days ago, we went on a date to a nice Indian Restaurant in town. I mentioned that I had a headache, or that my lips were chapped, so Drew ran across town to the pharmacy and got me whatever it was I mentioned.
5th Anniversary: Jinnah, Harrogate

I have such an amazing husband!


  1. Yay for the Mudgetts! I'm glad you got to get away for a bit.

  2. WOW sounds like such a nice time. Happy for you both. Very nice post. Now thst is what I call a chili burger....mmmmmm.

  3. I remember your 5th anniversary but can't for the life of me remember what you did. I thought you might have gone out of town? Like going to Whitby or someplace like that? Our anniversary is right next to Christmas and for the first 8 years it would have been when finals happened so it always got lost in the shuffle. Though your's is close to July 4th, which for real American's is like a 2nd Christmas!