Monday, June 25, 2012

Party Time! - Lizzie

Here are some Photos and videos of Lizzie's Birthday and Party:

Birthday Crepe

All done, is there any more?

First gift of the day, a musical post box

A gift from Anna, Her old bike!

A trip to Kidzplay, indoor play place before the party

Ball pit


Lizzie crossed the bridge all by herself

Picture at Aunt Fiona's

Dinner, Grandma's yummy pasta and some veggies

My cupcake tower and everyone taking pictures of me!

My birthday candle and cupcake

excited eating my first cake and ice cream

More presents!

A fun Snake toy

Indestructible books!

The whole family at my party (we miss Grandpa at work, and Uncle Dan at work in America)

Then the Ward Pool Party happened to be on the same night as my birthday!

Splashing everyone in the face, when they were off guard!

Happy in the water

Not so sure about this!

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  1. Happy birthday Lizzie. We love you. (And, Kim, I love that shrug!)