Sunday, July 8, 2012

More of Anna's Birthday Celebrations

Well, Anna had a birthday in the middle of the week, so she got to have a party, which we have already seen, she got to celebrate with preschool which we have already seen and then she had a family dinner with the extended family later in the week.  On her real birthday Lizzie and Anna and I had a good time but, Drew, Grandma, and Grandpa were all away, so it was good to have a dinner together!
Actual on her birthday Crepes

Grandma's package finally arrives!

Check out my new stacking cups, Thanks Grandma and PopPop
Cupcake kit, Just in time!
The artist at work, Anna actually make everything, she broke the eggs, put everything in the bowl and mixed it, I did help measure and mix a little

cupcake kit in action

Final Birthday dinner, Aunt Fiona's gift an art kit

Fiona's gift put straight to use

Group Photo

Ewan showing the lovely place Anna Chose for her project

The girls admiring her art work

Pj Time

The month of Birthday celebrations over, we had a nice time enjoying the fireworks from the base from  right outside our house!


  1. I'm so glad the presents finally arrived and I love that Anna made the cupcakes mostly by herself. Looks like that was a fun birthday celebration - wish we could have been there to celebrate with everyone.

  2. Fun! Who took the pic of you guys? That looks cool.