Friday, April 18, 2008

April 12, 2008 - Baby Shower!

Saturday my sisters and my mother threw a baby shower for me.  It was so great so see so many old friends!  Its hard to believe we will be leaving soon and not seeing them for a long time.  During the shower, everyone signed up to share a different story or piece of advice, etc.  Then, when I opened their gift they would share it with me and the group.  The food was wonderful!  We had Hawaiian Haystacks, a great fruit salad courtesy of Sister Reed, Veggies and dip, and homemade Tres Leche cake.  It was a lot of fun!  It is such an amazing blessing to know that Anna comes into this world with so many people who already support her!  Here are some pictures

!p5130075-wince.JPG My good friends from growing up, the McGraws

p5130074-wince.JPG Starting from the left, Sister Reed, Kate Despain and Sharla Shelton(Back row), Denise and Margaret Keisling front.  (Back right corner) Laura Brewer-Heilig

p5130071-wince.JPG Now Drew and Anna will have matching shoes!

p5130073-wince.JPG From left to right, Erin holding Emiline Wheeler, Alyssa Wheeler, Mom, sister Kelley, Janet Howell.


  1. Kim,
    Is there any way that you can make your pictures bigger on the blog? I can barely see them.

  2. Denise, just click on the picture and it will enlarage so you can see it better. Mom