Monday, October 20, 2008

Tagged, I'm it...

Denise Tagged me on her blog for a list of my little quirks, so here we go...

1)  I HATE touching wet wood or if my hands are very lightly moist in any way, paper and sometime even paper towels or toilet paper.  Those little ice cream cups you get when you are kid that have those little wooden spoons are the WORST!!!

2)  Like my Aunt Sue I HATE mice.  We have had mice a few times since we were married and they totally freak me out!  I even have dreams about them in the middle of the day.  The are horrible!

3)  I agree with Denise on the light touch thing.  But I am not as bad, I just hate being tickled or touched too lightly sometimes.  It isn't all the times, I think it is a nervous system thing, sometimes it just feels weird and horrible.

4)  I used to really hate whenever someone held any thing sharp like  a pencil or a fork too close to my face. by too close to my face it could be across the table and if it was held at a certain angle it would freak me out.  When I had my wisdom teeth removed the dentist was explaining the process and I kept squirming in my chair.  When they said are you OK, I said yes, just put the pen down!  The surgery didn't bother m in the least.

5)  My husband has pointed out to me that I tend to eat everything with my hands.  The other day we were hving spaghetti with his parents and talking about it.  I said, I didn't eat my spaghetti with my hadns and he said the careful observer would note that while technically I didn't eat my spaghetti with my hands I put it on my garlc bread and ate that with my hands.  For a few weeks we were earing steel cut oatmeal for breakfast, they werevery thick and I would even eat that with my hands but to be fair they were so thick using the spoon would have been quite the challenge.

6) On the topic of food, while I am now on sabatical from this for Anna's sake, I put spicy peppers in everything.  In fact I have been known to carryy cayanne pepper in my purse and would use it the way some people use salt.

7)  Whenever I buy something new, or sometimes even when it is a gift, I tend to feel bad about the puchase, Buyers remorse to the extreme for a few days before I end up loving it.  I mean I spent 4 pounds on a shirt the other day and felt really bad because I knew I would hate it, but the I really liked it again.  Please note this tendency doesn't happen with food, I can spend a lot of money for expensive food and barely bat an eyelash, go figure.


  1. So you've taken to eating with your hands. Good thing that Steph is just having finger foods at her reception.

  2. Oh Kim, I am so glad I am not the only one with a mouse obsession! We have another in common. I can not stand to eat off those terrible wooden spoons in the ice cream cups! Ewww! Guess it must be in the genes!LUV and hugs Aunt Sue

  3. So, did you get over the eye thing? Oh the fun we used to have tormenting you!!! The good old days...

  4. Very Interesting and HAIL TO THE 6 and 2 REDSKINS. Hope it lasts. Some of those same things bother me.