Sunday, April 5, 2009

Quality time and exciting developments

Recently my visiting teacher was telling me about a book she had read a while back and she really liked it.  She said that it had helped her to figure out some things about her kids.  The book she was refering to is called the 5 Love Languages.   I had read the book years ago and decided Iwanted to read it again.

The premise of the book is that what makes one person feel loved is completely different from what makes another person feel loved.  The author has found 5 primary ways that a person feels that they are loved.  They include: words of afirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service and physical touch.  At first I thought I might be quality time then as I read I thought well, maybe acts of service or who knows.  I took the quiz at the end and I scored very high for quality time.  Drew got pretty high on that as well.  I have been blessed with a husband who really spends a lot of quality time with me so I feel  very loved!   So here is a recap of the quality time we spent this weekend.

1) We tend to do most things together.  Drew works on school work a lot so often I sit with him and read a book or go on the internet.  This was true for Friday evening.

2) Saturday, we went swimming with Anna.  It was great! I had wanted Drew to be able to come swimming with us for a while but we took the opportunity Saturday and Anna was loving it!

3) We went out to lunch after the pool.

4) Drew worked on school work and I proof read.

5) Sunday we spent time watching general conference and playing with Anna.

On the Anna front there have been some great and adorable developments of late.  The biggest and most exciting for me is something that happened on This past Thursday.

After swimming lessons Anna normally has a long nap and then goes to base to spend an hour or so at the child development center.  Well, she HATES it there.  Really she likes the center but hates being away from me.  She will literally spend the entire time screaming.  If they try to comfort her she gest more agitated.  Distraction doesn't help either.  This Thursday something clicked.  She didn't even sleep well and therefore went to the cdc very tired so I really hesitated in leaving her.  But I did.  I ran to the store for about 45 minutes.  AND she didn't cry.  She was playing happily when I got back!  I was SHOCKED and couldn't have been prouder.  Then Friday she went back and same thing, she enjoyed herself!  I am hoping that this is the end of the separation anxiety or at least the end of her separation anxiety at the CDC.   If so, it will have left as quickly as it came.  It hit right about 4 months and she is just a little older than 9 months.  I must say I felt very liberated to be able to go to the computer lab without thinking that my baby was super stressed.  Then coming back to find her happy!  Well done!

Anna is VERY close to crawling.  I really think it will start any day now.

Anna loves swimming, she isn't the biggest fan of going under the water but has never cried, not once when she has gone under.  Now she will actually hold her breath when she comes in from the side of the pool in preparation for going under! Clever girl!

Anna received her first certificate this week.  She received a certificate for learning her first sign.  She was 8 months old when she learned it.  She signs "want"  when she wants something.  She also has learned to sign milk this week as well!

As a note of interest.  Drew and I are thinking about taking a cruise next January with his parents and Anna of course.  The cruise is on NCL and it goes from Barcelona to Italy, Greece, Turkey, Malta, and Egypt.  We have been pretty excited about that and I will let you know about any developments there.  I hope everyone is well!  Happy Easter!


  1. How fun that she was happy. I felt that way when Luke started going to nursery without crying the whole time. It is good that you are getting her used to things now be cause she is sure to have another round of stranger anxiety in a while. I have read that book and liked it. It is good that you guys have similar languages. I'm glad you had such a good weekend. I love you.

  2. Sounds like Anna is really and growing! I can only imagine how relieved you must feel knowing she is overcoming her fears of being away from you. She is so adorable. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and the cruise sounds like a wonderful trip to look forward to. Hope it all works out so you can go. Sure miss being able to see Anna grow but hearing the details helps. I can hardly believe she is 9+ months old already. Wow! Today Christopher and all the grandkids were here to celebrate his birthday. Want to feel old? He is now 11! Love and hugs, Aunt Sue

  3. Impressive that granddaughter of mine. Anna might be an olympic swimmer with her already going under on a regular basis. Sounds like you and Drew have marriage down good. I am happy for you both. That cruise sounds great. I guess we wouldn't be invited but hope you have a great time. It is a while away. But it gives you something to look forward to. Hope Anna keeps adjusting to being away from you for a period of time. Love You Dad