Monday, September 15, 2008

Its been Far too long...

So My parents came over to England and we had a very busy and exciting week.  Its been 2 weekish since my last post and so much has happened.  So, I am going to make an entry for Each of the noteworthy things we did while my parents were in town.  But here I want to mention a few things that won't make their own Entries.

1.  I, Kimberly Ann Knowles Mudgett, am now the official holder of a chip card.  I was added to Drew's British bank account while I was in town with my parents.

2.  We went to a great cheese store, they stock over 200 kinds of cheese, right in our very own town.  Talk about a fun way to waste money!

3.   Drew and I went out for the first time on a date by ourselves without Anna when all of her Grandparents watched her.  We had done things while Anna was being watched by Joan before but never together on a date kind of thing.  (OK really we were just taking Dan to hang out with his friends, but it counts)

4.  Anna had formula for the first time because I ate some VERY spicy food and realized it was really hurting her, so she had formula.  She liked it, and so did I (see #3)

5.  My parents luggage arrived safely (they just didn't leave on time, but they were still able to make their connection). Oh, and contrary to what some might say, like the customer service agent my dad talked with on the phone, their flight was not cancelled.

6.  We had to say goodbye to Uncle Dan as he went back to Iraq to finish his deployment.  We love you Dan!

As for the rest of the trip see the individual entries.

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