Thursday, May 3, 2012

Adventures in Chocolate or simply THE most decadent healthy chocolate cake EVER

Oh my yum!  Okay I am going to post about the deliciousness that we just found last week.  Anna earned enough tokens (which she gets for making good choices) to have a friends party.  Which is basically a big lunch play date with cake.  She has never been interested in saving up for one before as it cost the most tokens out of any reward (125) AND you don't get presents like at a birthday party.  But after having one she is a fan, which means this might be a big a lot of work if she keeps choosing them but at least it is a good motivator.  Anyway being that Drew and I are on the good mood diet which drastically limits sugar (6 tsp a week or about one yogurt with sugar), we knew we would have to watch everyone else partake of cake.  Also, being as health conscious as possible, which I think we do a pretty good job of (we have dessert every night and girls get super excited for it and it is always just fruit!), I set off in search of a recipe which contained no sugar or sweetener but was sweetened by fruit alone.  I searched and searched and searched.  Then I decided to settle on one that had some stevia in it, but that was only begrudgingly.  However, I of course closed the tab on my search engine and did not print or book mark the page, so when I went back to find it, of course I could not.  Which was a fabulous thing because I came across a recipe which was only posted a few days previous and had not made it to the top of Google's search yet.  The recipe I found was sweetened only with date past and made claims of being simply THE most decadent healthy chocolate cake EVER!  I looked at the ingredients and knew I had found what I believed to be a winner.  It calls for no flour so it is also gluten free, which some people in my extended family need (not that they were coming, but they might find this intriguing.  Anyway, the recipe uses date paste, avocado, coconut milk, and 1.5 cups of cocoa powder!  I have never seen a recipe with that much before, but since we love dark chocolate I gave it a go, and I am so glad I did.  I was not sure how the kids would respond, because it is really dark, so as we were making the batter I did make the modification of adding, well, all of the date paste and the water the dates soaked in to make the paste and it was still super duper rich but I think a bit more to the liking of the kids (not all the kids) but Anna liked it although she couldn't finish her piece.  We learned that the serving size for this cake is very small as it is sooooo rich.  So small you could get close to 24 pieces from the cake or maybe a few less, depending on how your palate works.  Drew and I made the modification of counting the cake as 3 fats, 1 lean protein, and a fruit and we worked it into our diet.  Also, did I mention, there is no butter or oil!  Anyway, without further ado, here is the link to the recipe, complete with pictures!

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  1. That cake does look good. Unfortunately, I LOATH dark chocolate. I seriously don't know how anyone can like the stuff. Eating dark chocolate, to me, is like mom eating Brussel Sprouts!