Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jay Jay Bo Bay...

This is our friend Jay:

Jay died while I was pregnant with our first child Anna, seen here:

Today I want to write about Anna and Jay.  Specifically about how much she talks about Jay all the time!  She never met him, but when we were in America last winter we were able to go to Arizona and see the site where he is buried.  It was so special to me as we love Jay so much and miss him terribly.

But, I don't want to get into all of that.  I want to get into Anna and Jay.  Sometimes it goes in cycles but often Anna will discuss Jay at least once a week, other times daily.  His name comes up constantly.  One thing she loves doing is singing the name game song.  She always sings about Jay.  "Jay, Jay, bo bay, banana fanna foe fay, fi fie mo may, Jay"

Then he randomly comes up in conversation.  Here are some things that Anna has said about Jay:

"Um, when Jay is resurrected do you think he will come to our house?"
When she was sad "I miss Jay"
"If Jay were alive would he come to our house?  I really want Jay to come to our house"
Randomly in the middle of playing "um, how old was Jay when he died again?"
"I knew Jay in Heaven before I was born"

The frequency with which she talks about Jay makes us really happy.  But, we also wondered if she would think anything of him, had he not died.  He would have been just one of our friends, whom she would meet every once in a while.

Anna asleep in Jay's room

One thing that we thought was rather funny a few weeks ago was that with all this talk of Jay, our friend posted a load of pictures on facebook of us with Jay.  Anna was looking at them and then said "who, is that funny little guy?"  We know Jay would have gotten a kick out.  Just thought I would share.

Just for fun, a photo of us and Jay (and others) on the day we met!

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  1. Sweet sharing, thoughts, and story. Children are blessed with wonderful special ways to care.