Thursday, May 17, 2012


I was realizing I never posted the story of Lizzie's birth.  Apparently, I also never posted about Anna's birth either.  Well since they are both having  birthdays in a few weeks, I would say now is a good time:

I remember it like it was almost 4 years ago (ahem):

We moved to England when I was 33 weeks pregnant.  I had gestational diabetes so was referred to the diabetes doctor and the ob.  I had midwifes before in the states and a nutritionist (I guess they are a bit more cautious over here).  Anyway, they wanted to induce me at 38 weeks, which is typical both in the states and here.  I was really scared of being induced as I have rarely heard anything positive about it.  I was scheduled for my appointment to discuss induction on Wednesday morning.  Almost right on cue Tuesday night the 24th of June, I started having contractions or really "tightenings" as they say, when they want to steel you thunder and let you know it is going to be way more intense.  Anyway, they started about every 5 minutes (which I have learned is apparently my labor number, with both girls they started at 5 minutes and stayed that way the whole time).

Anyway, I called the hospital and asked when I should come in.  They said that I should come in when I wanted pain relief.  Well, by 8 Am they had grown to be more intense, so I told Drew I would like to go in.  When I got there, they did all the typical things, monitoring and what not.  I met one of my midwifes who looked at the monitor and said, "Well, things are definitely happening."   That made me feel reassured.


 I asked her if she was going to check me and she said that she would when I wanted pain relief.  So, by this time the contractions were not as intense, so I decided to try and wait a while.  Drew and I tried to walk around the hall like in the videos they show you in prenatal class.  That worked for a while, but a few hours later, I started to cry and not be able to stop.  The contractions were really intense at this point but had slowed down to about one every 15 minutes.  I kept crying and Drew said I should get an epidural.  I had heard that they are not so quick to give epidurals here and I debated it for a while, but since I couldn't stop crying I eventually went ahead and requested one.  It took about 45 minutes before it happened though.  One thing I was not expecting about the epidural was the needle in my hand.  I remember it being a needle this was more like a tube and was so painful getting put in it was almost worse than the contractions.  After I got the epidural, I totally stopped crying.  Drew said "there, now you won't feel anything else"  The midwife show him a look that definitely showed she was not pleased with his remark."  Well, I didn't feel any more contractions true, but my contractions also stopped, ugh.  So they put me on a induction drip, which I did not mind at all, because I could not feel it!  I made sure Drew bought a newspaper,so we had a copy of one from the day Anna was born.  Time went on and the drugs worked to progress my labor.  As it neared time to push, the midwife came in and said that the Doctor wanted me to be put on a glucose drip before I pushed.  She also said that since I had too many things running through my line it meant I would need another IV.  Well, I started to cry and she said maybe we should test my blood sugar first.  We did and it was great, such a blessing!  Anyway, It was time to push.  Well, I don't know if my epidural was in correctly all the way but I definitely felt it once I started to push, YIKES!  I started screaming for them to take her out anyway possible.  I kept saying it was not working and they should just take her out, they reassured me I was doing fine.  Fourty-five minutes or so later, she was here.  She arrived at 12:50 am on the 26th.  Which meant, Drew had to buy another paper.  Only 28 hours start to finish.  They also had this great drug they offer you that makes everything else take only a couple more minutes, awesome!   I did have some tearing and needed a few stitches.  When the doctor came in to do the stitching, he said, "SHE had an epidural.  I didn't think she had any pain relief.  Top her up before I come near her!"  Yep, I was screaming that loudly!

Here is Anna freshly born and wrapped in my baby blanket and no she is not huge the blanket is placed deceptively

Exhibit B: see she is much smaller than she appears above and she is a few days older here.  Also,  since I posted pictures that were not the most flattering of Anna and I - Drew should make it up there as well!

Then, they left us.  Drew, Anna and I just had time to be together.  They brought us toast and juice.  It was for both Drew and myself, but I ate all of it.  Which sent my blood sugar super high, I did not care I was hungry!  Drew and I were able to spend about 4 hours with Anna without them even taking her for a second.  After about four hours, they came in and brought her over to weigh her, 7 lbs 6 oz.  She was wonderful, and everyday we learn more and more reasons why!

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  1. Cute story. I'm a little confused as to whatever drug you got that makes everything else go faster. What does "everything else" mean?? No worries about the blood sugar after birth, no more diabeties once baby is out! Surely after 28 hours you deserved a lot more than toast and juice! What is a tightening? I've never heard that term. I had a nutritionist also. I can't believe she is 4!