Saturday, August 16, 2008

Big smiles and great weeks!

Last week was a little hairy with dealing with a fever, a very bad reflux night, and little Anna just seemed to have a lot of the Sads.  But, thanks to Denise, and her great advice, Anna's reflux is now under control.  She doesn't have the sads too often and she (as well as Drew and myself) had great weeks!  Anna started really getting into Smiling on Sunday.  I would say she had her first official social smile.  Everyday she has been practicing a little more.  She has also started being more alert and cooing.  Its a lot of fun.  We can actually spend time playing together.  Another new development is that she has started to want her own space.  Whereas in weeks past I had to hold her during naps (she would wake up within 5 minutes of being put down, even when she was in a deep sleep)  She has started being more independent and sleeping in her play yard during her naps.  In fact yesterday, I put her down and she woke up a bit eyes wide open and everything.  I just rubbed my finger once across her forhead, she closed her eyes and put her self back to sleep (ussually we rub her forhead as she is tired and it really helps her fall asleep).  Then, Joan and I were able to get a lot of things done on the house.  Even though we have had our stuff for a month or so, we are not completely settled yet.  But my goodness, just her being down for 2 hours without needing to be held made a huge difference.  We got so much done!  We were able to assess her room and what we would need to put up her boarder etc.  We took her hand prints for a hanging on the wall (she even stayed as sleep when we washed them off).  We moved some book shelves and I organized our board games, dvd's, pc games, and game cube games.  Joan vacuumed and it really spruced up the place.  Things finally feel like they are coming together, so at weeks end both Mother and baby were having a lot of big smiles not to mention just overall great weeks!


  1. Sounds like things are beginning to fall in a groove. It is hard to get that going. But it is good to hear that it is getting to a more routine. Good to hear from you. Love and hugs, Aunt Sue

  2. I still don't have everything unpacked and I got my stuff 6 weeks before you and I didn't have a baby. Take your time. I'm glad that she is feeling better.