Sunday, August 3, 2008

Little hidden parts...

So, I have come to realize that babies have so many nooks and little hidden parts, its really hard to keep them all clean.  I (we) had given Anna a bath yesterday and today at church I was looking at her hands and in between her fingers were really dirty.  Don't even get me started on under her finger nails - even though I cut them there is still a place that dirt finds to cling onto.  I was trying to make sure I cleaned everything on her in the bath but I guess I looked past those clenched fists!  I was just happy to get everything cleaned out in her neck.  Anyway, she will be taking another bath today, she doesn't know it yet.  She doesn't actually like baths yet and Drew and I being such caring parents hate to see her upset.  So, it ends up that she takes a bath with me, while nursing.  It seems to calm her down a lot.  She is slowly learning to look around and feel the water and seems to start to be more accepting of the whole process, so maybe in a little while she will be back to baths in her baby bathtub.  I have found that no matter how we do it, it is complicated to get to all those little hidden parts.


  1. Yeah, the neck is the worst beast of all. I'm amazed that you got it clean. Luke's was sooooooooooooo nasty. I finally figured out that I could put him on his back and kind of let his head hang over the side, thereby gaining access to the neck. I had to do it all the time because he would get so red in there. Good luck.

  2. Yes it is hard to find all the nooks and crannies! I remember one time finding a cranny and oh how red and sore it was. Welcome to motherhood! You will find lots of "new and exciting facts everyday! Keep smiling. Love and hugs. Aunt Sue